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Ronco delle Cime


DOC Collio

  • The wine

    The name Ronco delle Cime is the toponym of the vineyard from which the Friulano del Collio grapes come. This wine wants to tell the story of our land, a border land, with many people and many stories linked to the tradition of the family and the territory.
  • ronco cime

    The history

    It was born in 1999 from the desire of Gianni and Giorgio Venica to dedicate a true cru wine to a special plot of land so suited to the cultivation of Tocai friulano grapes.
  • The vineyard

    When the cool ‘borin’ of the north blows through the rows of the Cime hillock in summer, it seems to whisper to the lush Friulano vines located there, gently caressing the clusters as if to pamper and protect them from the summer heat.

The best Venica&Venica’s wine of 2020!

Here the review of the Top Wine Guides 2020:

Our Ronco delle Cime, Friulano Collio Doc 2018 received several awards this year too. The critics rewarded our Cru wine as an excellence, because it obtained the best scores from the 7 main Italian wine guides.


Gambero Rosso, guida Vini d'Italia, prima edizione 1988
17 years
Bibenda, Fondazione Italiana Sommelier
19 years
Veronelli, attivo dal 1990
14 years
Vini d'Italia le Guide dell'Espresso, le eccellenze italiane
12 years
Maroni, annuario dei migliori vini italiani
12 years
Guida Essenziale, Daniele Cernilli
2 years
Doctor Wine, guida essenziale ai vini d'Italia
6 years
Vitae, associazione italiana sommelier, dal 1965
8 years
Slow Wine, guida completa al vino italiano
2 years
Il Golosario di Paolo Massobrio, guida alle cose buone d'Italia
7 years
Gilbert & Gaillard, guida dei vini ed esperti del vino dal 1989
3 years
Civiltà del Bere, Wow competition
1 year
Wine Spectator
1 year
Il Golosario di Paolo Massobrio, guida alle cose buone d'Italia
2 years
Falstaff, rivista tedesca dal 1980
1 year

Technical information

Alcool in vol. %


Total acidity ‰



Grapes harvested by hand and destemmed between 9 and 27 September 2021.

Vinification | Aging

The grapes are then macerated for 18/24 hours at a temperature of 11°/12° C in special containers, protected from oxygen with innovative systems by recycling their own fermentation carbon dioxide, in order to reduce the intake of antioxidants. The must ferments and matures on the lees for 6 months partly in large 20/27 HL wooden barrels and partly in steel containers.


The wine is then blended and bottled at full moons between March and June 2022.

Emotional information


Friulano Collio has a sunny golden yellow colour.


From the highest hill, the Friulano Cru acquires intense aromas: Williams pear, yellow peach and delicate notes of herbs and wild flowers. In the finish a light almond.


Great structure in the mouth. Warm and harmonious, with a pleasant savouriness and freshness. A full-bodied and enveloping wine with fruity and intense hints; it closes with the almondy taste typical of Friulano.

To be paired with

Very versatile: cured raw ham, cow’s and goat’s milk cheeses, fried eggs with grated truffle. Tagliolini with tomato and swordfish. Risotto with porcini mushrooms and a generous sprinkling of parsley.

Serving temperature


Aging potential

over 10 years

The Wine

Ronco delle Cime Friulano and Ronco delle Mele Sauvignon are the two Cru wines of Venica&Venica’s winery and they both represent the project “Spirit of the place”.

The name “Ronco delle Cime” derives from the same vineyard where its Friulano’s grapes come from. This wine wants to tell the story of a borderland with people and memories related to family’s values and to the region’s traditions.

It was born in 1999 from Gianni and Giorgio’s desire to dedicate a real Cru wine to a very special piece of land, ideal for the coltivation of Tocai friulano’s grapes. In 1974 the first vines were planted, but some morphological remodelings were carried out in 2005.

The vineyard and the vine

Ronco delle Cime

During summer the fresh wind from the North called “borin” blows between the rows of Cime’s hill and it looks like it’s whispering to the lush Friulano vines, gently touching and cuddling the grapes as to protect them from the strong heat.

Cime’s hill is our highest vineyard, with an average altitude of 200 m above sea level. It is also fascinating its North-west orientation with a view of Mount “Matajur”, Mount “Nero” and the “Canin” glacier. Other no less important features: the exposure to the fresh breeze from the mountains, the pronounced changing in temperature between day and night and the typical subsoil of Collio consisting of sandstone marls.

These are the characteristics of “Ronco delle Cime”, a very special vineyard ideal for the coltivation of Tocai friulano ’s grapes, so meaningful to give the name to one of the top wines of Venica&Venica’s winery from Dolegna del Collio.


The vineyard

The history of Tocai friulano is quite complex and at many points it gets very close to that of the Hungarian Tokaji, helping to create some confusion.
Nevertheless, neither the two grapes nor the two wines realized from them have something in common.
In fact, our Friulano has its origins from beyond the Alps and in particular it is related to Sauvignonasse. After its arrival from France, the vine has subsequently evolved, adapting itself to the soil and climate of the region, till the Friulian people gave it its current identity and made it a symbol of the territory and local culture.

In 2008 the European Community, after coming to an agreement between Italy and Hungary, banned the use of the word “Tocai” for the Friulian wine, as it was considered too similar to the Hungarian “Tokaji“. The last harvest of Tocai in Friuli was therefore that of 2007: since then the wine obtained from these grapes is called “Friulano“, to underline its strong connection with the territory.


Friulano Doc harvest in our Ronco delle Cime vineyards. This video is a voyage from our vineyards to the wine cellar.


Friulano Doc harvest in our Ronco delle Cime vineyards. This video is a voyage from our vineyards to the wine cellar.

Bottle Sizes

  • Half Bottles

    37,5 cl Bottle
  • Classic

    75 cl Bottle

    1,5 l Bottle
  • ronco cime

    SPECIAL EDITION 90°Anniversary

    1,5 l Magnum Bottle with special packaging included

    3 l / 5 l Exclusive Edition with handmade painted and customized label. With a wood box included.

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