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Prime Note


IGT delle Venezie

Technical information

Alcool in vol. %


Total acidity ‰



The wine is blended in the spring following the harvest; it is then aged for 6 months and finally bottled in the fall. Further bottle aging follows.

Vinification | Aging

Prime Note IGT delle Venezie is a complex and elegant wine which, thanks to sensitive blending, enhances the finest characteristics of two varieties: the acidity of Ribolla Gialla and the elegance of Chardonnay.


The cuvèe was blended during the first racking and bottled six months after the harvest.

Emotional information


The Bianco Igt delle Venezie wine has a straw-yellow colour with golden reflections.


On the nose, the Chardonnay fruit (banana, ripe exotic fruit) and Ribolla flowers (especially acacia) with a light note of toasted almond typical of Friulano are predominant. Overall, the bouquet is delicate and generates pleasant sensations of freshness.


Full bodied and elegant, delicately fruity.

To be paired with

Appetizers and fish.

Serving temperature


Aging potential

over 5 years

The Wine

The first notes of a song, the first notes of a poem, the first directions of the navigator of a rally car as soon as the first special stage begins.

The name “First Notes” is meant to express the excitement and adrenaline associated with a start, a beginning, the beginning of something. The excitement of the first sip of a good glass of wine.

The vineyard and the vine

“Prime Note” Bianco IGT delle Venezie, is a complex and elegant wine.

With the right balance of blending, we have brought out the most representative intrinsic characteristics of the selected wines. In fact, it is our cellar master Giorgio Venica who each year, after a series of tastings, chooses the percentages and thus defines the recipe, enhancing the characteristics of the three varieties: the acidity and territoriality of Ribolla Gialla, the elegance and body of Chardonnay, and the typicality and structure of Friulano.

The vineyard

Bottle Sizes

  • Classic

    0,75 cl Bottle

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Venica & Venica Di Gianni Venica e C. S.S. Società Agricola

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