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  • The wine

    ≪ Paired with the flavour of the sea in a savoury, crispy fish fry, the sweet, fruity palate of Malvasia ‘Pètris’ becomes ‘poetry of the earth’, as the great Mario Soldati would have said. ≫
  • The history

    “Pètris’ is the toponym of the area in which the vineyards are located. The sound of this name also recalls the Friulian word for ‘stone’, or ‘piere’: the area, in fact, is characterised by a particularly rocky subsoil, from which some stones were taken that are still present in the walls of the Venica farmhouse.


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1 year

Technical information

Alcool in vol. %


Total acidity ‰



Grapes harvested by hand and destemmed between 13 and 24 September 2021.

Vinification | Aging

After the harvest, the Malvasia grapes are macerated for about 20 hours at a temperature of 10°/12° C in special containers, protected from oxygen with innovative systems by recycling their own fermentation carbon dioxide, in order to reduce the amount of antioxidants. The must ferments and matures on the lees for 5 months, partly in large wooden barrels and partly in steel containers.


The wine was blended and bottled at full moons between the end of March and June 2022.

Emotional information


Brilliant golden yellow in colour.


Fruity notes reminiscent of apricot and aromatic herbs such as sage and thyme stand out. A great minerality characterises Malvasia ‘Pètris’.


On the sip, ‘apricot’ returns. Savouriness, supported by hints of minerals, takes over. Long aromatic persistence.and with the alcohol perfectly integrated. The persistence is long and on citrus and floral notes.

To be paired with

Seafood wine. Fried fish in different versions. Grilled sardines and sardines seared tuna. Risotto alla pescatora. Boneless rabbit roll with herbs, baked turbot on a bed of potatoes and confit tomatoes.

Serving temperature


Aging potential

over 10 years

The Wine

<< Together with the sea flavour coming from a mix of savory and crispy fried fish, our Malvasia “Pètris”, with its sweet and fruity palate, becomes “poetry of the Earth“, as great Mario Soldati would have said. >>
This is Carlo Cambi‘s beautiful comment, a famous journalist, close friend of the Venica family, regarding our Malvasia.

Pètris” is the toponym of the area where the vineyards are located. This name also reminds, with its sound, the Friulan word for “stone”, which is “piere”. Actually, the subsoil of that area is particularly rich in stones; some of them where used to build the original farmhouse of the family and we can still find them in the walls.

The vineyard and the vine

In the actual North-eastern Italy, at that time part of La Serenissima, the quantity of wine produced was not sufficient to satisfy the population’s demand, mainly because the grape varieties were not particularly productive.
The Venetians then entered the Peloponnesian region and started transporting Malvasia’s vines, rather profitable in quantity, to Istria and Friuli, passing through Dalmatia.


Our Malvasia’s vineyards are located inside the DOC Collio area.

The vineyard

The origins of Istrian Malvasia in Friuli-Venezia Giulia date back to the Republic of Venice, precisely to the 13th century.
We suppose, in fact, that this grape variety was typical of the Hellenic peninsula, in particular of a town in the Peloponnese still existing today and then called Monembasia or Monovaxia. The literal meaning of this word is “port with a single entry”; the name then degenerated into Malfasia and was italianized in Malvasia.


MALVASIA • PETRIS 2016 – secondo Carlo Cambi – per un Brindisi d’autore!


MALVASIA • PETRIS 2016 – secondo Carlo Cambi – per un Brindisi d’autore!

Bottle Sizes

  • Classic

    0,75cl bottle
  • Magnum

    1,5l bottle

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