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Venica’s vineyards occupy an area of 40 hectares and are located on different hills in the Collio region, each one of which, facing a different direction, has its own particular microclimate. This gives our wines an incredible complexity.

The soils of the Collio region, known as “Ponka“, are composed of marl and sandstone dating back to the Eocene period.

These stratifications that are also partly rocky are easily broken down by the weather pattern, that creates coarse elements that initially result in a granular soil and later in a very fine one.

Over several seasons, this becomes an ideal substrate for viticulture, that provides minerals and flavour to our wines.

White wines

One of the most famous wineries of Collio specialized in white wines, Venica&Venica has always pursued the road of excellence, respecting tradition and valuing its origins and values. A border area between Friuli Venezia Giulia and Slovenia. Here there are vineyards that climb up several hills, each one of which, given the different altitudes and exposures, has various microclimates that provide and guarantee incredible complexity to the wines.

Among the approximately 40 hectares of vines, most of them (about 85%) are white berried, and each one has its specific peculiarities for position, morphological conformation, exposure to sunlight and breezes, presence of surrounding areas with forests, humidity, slope… Every single hectare is unique and sometimes several different microclimates can occur even on the same hill.

Our Cru – ‘Spirit of Place

 “Ronco delle Mele” Sauvignon and “Ronco delle Cime” Friulano are the two spokesman wines of the “Spirit of the Place” project. A project to enhance the sites that gives rise to wines with character, the expression of a production philosophy aimed at enhancing the link between these wines and the territory.

Blends are blends of grapes or wines from one or more varieties.

The production philosophy aims to link the character of the place to the sensitivity of the winemaker, which is expressed throughout the entire production cycle, from the vineyard to the cellar.
With the right balance, the most representative intrinsic characteristics of the selected varieties are brought out to the full.

Single-varietal Wines

Wines produced from single grape varieties, both indigenous and international, characterised by olfactory complexity, good acidity and a well-expressed structure integrated with minerality, are particularly recognisable and become the best ambassadors of the great potential and versatility of our land.

The Dessert Wine – “Toblar”

The Verduzzo giallo is a grape variety of very ancient origin that lends itself well to late harvesting (end of October), when the grapes have already dried moderately on the vine.
The harvested grapes are further dried, for about a month, on a bed of straw arranged on the ‘Toblar’ – loft. Hence its name.

Indigenous grapes

Autochthonous grapes derive from the vine that is cultivated and spread in the same historical area of origin of the vine itself; the wines therefore possess an indissoluble bond with the territory.


Un vino di origine certamente antichissima è un vitigno autoctono della Regione Friuli: “Toblar” Verduzzo.


Vini Cru

I due vini Cru dell’Azienda Venica & Venica ed entrambi portavoci del progetto “Spirito del luogo”: “Ronco delle Mele” Sauvignon e “Ronco delle Cime” Friulano.


Con il giusto equilibrio abbiamo fatto esaltare al massimo le caratteristiche intrinseche più rappresentative delle varietà selezionati: “Prime Note” Bianco, “Tre Vignis” Bianco e “Tardiva” Bianco.


Vini  con buona complessità olfattiva, corpo, acidità e una vena minerale che li rende particolarmente riconoscibili: “Primarûl” Friulano, “Talis” Pinot Bianco,  “Jesera” Pinot Grigio,“L’Adelchi” Ribolla Gialla,“Ronco Bernizza” Chardonnay,“Ronco del Cerò” Sauvignon,“Petris” Malvasia e Traminer aromatico.

Red Wines

Venica & Venica can also be proud of a small offer of excellent red wines from Friuli that represent about 15% of the total production and which have no reason to be jealous of its very famous white ones. The choice of the grown varieties is precise and focused, two international ones and two typical from Friuli: Merlot and Cabernet Franc in the first case, Refosco dal peduncolo rosso and Schioppettino in the second case.

Expressions ‘in Red’ of Casa Venica

The red wines express the strong characterisation of the terroir that binds with the elegance of the tannins of the wood.
The result is wines rich in personality, captivating in their soft roundness.

Single-varietal Wines

Young, fresh, fruity and easy drinkable wines but each one with its own personality:  Merlot and Cabernet Franc.

Expressions ‘in Red’ in Venica’s House

The red wines express the strong characterisation of the terroir that binds with the elegance of the tannins of the wood.
The result is wines rich in personality, captivating in their soft roundness.

Monovitigno wines are wines made from a single grape variety.

Wines produced from single grape varieties, both indigenous and international. Being particularly recognisable wines, characterised by olfactory complexity, good acidity and a well-played structure, they become the best ambassadors of the great potential and versatility of our land.

The Internationals.

International grape varieties, of French origin, arrived in Collio in the 19th century.
Here they found optimal soil and climatic conditions to give rise to wines that bring out the specificity of each individual grape variety.

Ancient autochthonous

The Venica family is pleased to focus on those varieties that have been present in our land for more than 500 years.
Hence the term ‘ancient autochthonous’.

The bees and honey of Dolegna

The scent of the earth

Walking the vineyard


Green manure in the vineyard

Venica & Venica

..a pearl of Collio

Located in the northernmost municipality of the DOC, that of Dolegna, where the climate is cooler and the vineyards are on steep hills surrounded by forests rich in biodiversity.

A predominantly white wine cellar, as is typical of this area, but with a small offer of rather special Friulian red wines as well. 

90 years of history encapsulated in a name of excellence, renowned throughout Italy and the world.

This is thanks to Collio, which, with its pedoclimatic variety and sandstone marl subsoil of Eocene origin, constitutes one of the best areas in Italy for the cultivation of white grape varieties, giving wines characterised by good aromaticity and olfactory complexity, body and structure, acidity and a mineral vein that makes them particularly recognisable.

Award-winning wines

 the two Cru wines of winery Venica & Venica

However, there’s more: the Venica family has reached by now the fourth generation dedicated to wine production, with grandfather Daniele that founded the winery in 1930. This means almost a century of experience as winegrowers, with passion for their territory, values, farming-life philosophy and secrets of profession handed down meticulously from father to son and kept as a treasure.

It is not a coincidence that Venica&Venica’s wines receive the highest prizes and awards every year from the first vintages by the main Italian and international wine guides.


We suggest you some published articles that tell the prizes & awards we received.

Love and passion. Always.

The Grapes

Excellent grapes are an essential requirement for a great wine.

But it also takes other ingredients.
Some come from science and technology: we always choose the best of the best.

But still, this would not be enough. It takes a great deal of love from the time we welcome the grapes to the cellar to the moment we say goodbye to the bottle that travels the world.

Wine Experience

For those who wish to experience something unique, it is possible to visit our historical cellar all year long, followed by a guided wine tasting. 

The guided wine tour, apart from the vinification process explaination, is set out in a path with the name “Le Vite dei Venica“. This itinerary tells the story of the different generations of the family, where each door embodies a generation.

An interblend of history and modernity, even in the architecture of the cellar. Guests can visit the old cellar with old vintages, the oak cellar, the vinification cellar, the vineyard, the bottling room and finally have the wine tasting. A real emotional path

Visit of our Winery and tasting of Venica wines

To better understand the philosophy of the Venica family, to discover who has been behind the 90 years history of VENICA wine, we offer the opportunity to visit the winery, the historic cellar, to book a guided tasting of our wines or to be a guest in the Wine Resort inside our historical family estate in Dolegna del Collio.

Wine Shop in Dolegna del Collio [GO]

It is also possible throughout the year to visit our store in Dolegna del Collio at the headquarters, to taste and buy wines directly.

Wine Shop – Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday  9.30 am – 6.30 pm

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