Venica 2019 wine guides

Venica wines at the top in 2019 wine guides

“Simply the Best”– Venica & Venica at the wine tasting of  Civiltà del bere, dedicated to the Top wineries of 2019 wine guides.


Milan, Italy  | Venica & Venica among the most rewarded wineries by the international wine critics!


This event gathers the leader producers of the Italian wine sector, selected by taking in consideration the scores obtained by the most important wine guides. These are 7 of the main Italian wine guides: Ais Vitae, BibendaDaniele Cernilli / DoctorWineL’EspressoGambero RossoSLOW WINE and Seminario Veronelli.

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Therefore, Venica & Venica was among the protagonists of the Wine Tasting dedicated to the excellences of 2019 wine guides. The wine tasting took place in the Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo Da Vinci in Milan.

For all the professionals and wine lovers we poured to taste::  RONCO DELLE CIME, Friulano DOC Collio 2017 | RONCO DELLE MELE, Sauvignon DOC Collio 2017 | TALIS, Pinot Bianco DOC Collio 2017.