The 2019 Harvest for the Venica family has started!

And the long-awaited and strongly-wished 2019 harvest has eventually begun! This is the 89th vintage in the wine history of our family!

This is why we wanted to honour and remind it with a very special video and photos. The whole family on the three tractors that in the past have marked the history of agricultural vehicles: Porsche tractors with 1, 2 and 3 cylinders.


Porsche oldtimer tractors


We are talking about excellence oldtimer tractors developed and built between the 40s and the 50s, with air-cooled engine. Some extremely modern machines for that time, on the forefront compared to those of other manufacturers, because in that period there still were heated-head tractors and oil-engine ones.

These three vehicles were gathered together for the very first time for the beginning of 2019 harvest. A special occasion full of joy, beautiful memories and exciting moments, in particular for Gianni and Giorgio Venica, who share a strong passion for vintage cars and tractors.


Like every year in the past, this harvest also started with our Pinot Grigio grapes, followed by Ronco delle Mele Sauvignon.


Two generations of Venica’s family


Here following all the family members of the third and fourth generations. In the video and pictures you can see all together for the beginning of 2019 harvest:

Gianni VenicaGiorgio VenicaGiampaolo VenicaOrnella VenicaSerena VenicaMarta VenicaVirginia FruchGiulia Venica and Adelaide Venica


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