SCHIOPPETTINO di Venica & Venica

Schioppettino: A visionary red wine

As said by the journalist Carlo Cambiit’s definitely unusual that a winery, famous and awarded for its white wines, celebrates its 90th anniversary with a red one! There’s more: Venica&Venica, going to the roots of its viticulture, chose a typical and special autochthonous grape: the Ribolla Nera.

Doesn’t sound familiar to you? Then follow us to discover the origins of this new wine introduced in 2020, the year of the 90th anniversary for Venica&Venica.


A visionary red wine to celebrate a life of whites

By Carlo Cambi in “La Verità”, June 2020

“Non poteva che cominciare con un coup de theatre questo 2020 palindromo e bisesto per i Venica. Gianni è abituato a stupire, Giorgio no, lui da ex pilota valuta ogni inezia, però s’è lasciato trascinare dal fratello in un ossimoro enologico.

“This 2020 could only begin with a coup de theatre for the Venicas. Gianni is used to surprise but not Giorgio, who is an ex racing pilot that evaluates every step and got involved by his brother in this oenological experiment.

The Venicas owe their wide and well-deserved reputation, built by Ornella with her patient work of communication and sales and today joined by Serena, to their white wines: Ronco Cime a great Friulano, and Ronco Mele, maybe the most typical Italian Sauvignon. Could you expect that to celebrate an historical event, like their 90th anniversary from the year of foundation by grandfather Daniele Venica, they would rely a red wine? And it’s not over: they chose, going back to the roots of Friulian viticulture, a typical and special variety: the Ribolla Nera.”

Gianni e Giorgio Venica with their last creation: the Schioppettino.

In the foto the Vintage 2020, just harvested from the vineyards.

Schioppettino | Venica & Venica Harvest 2020

Schioppettino which comes from the Judrio Valley


“Never heard about it? Let’s call it Schioppettino then: a grape variety which comes from the Judrio Valley, ancient border of the Austro-Hungaric Empire and Slovenian one today. It was a rejected vine that in the mid-twentieth century was even canceled from the vineyard registers of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The Prepotto’s producers made a rebellion and eventually the Schioppettino was re-introduced again, enlightened by the sunlight of a valley at the foot of the Julian Pre-Alps.

Back at that time it was the wine of the countryside, as well as Ribolla Gialla. However, today it’s back to the excellence, with its complexity and uniqueness. The Venicas invested 10 years in this renovation: five years for the first vintage, six more to age the Schioppettino, first in wooden barrels for fifteen months and then 5 years in the bottle. Now the winery is selling vintage 2012 and on the bottle, a Burgundy style one and that’s also unusual for Venica, the label shows an extract of the purchasing contract of the main buildings from 1930.

The color is intense and shining ruby, the nose explodes in wild blackberry, raspberry and a background of pepper and moss. The palate is wide and smooth, in Venica style, persistent on spices notes. It’s a wine for red meat, pasta with important sauces, aged cheese. For me, to be paired with polenta, porcini, Montasio and D’Osvaldo’s ham.”