• grappolo pinot bianco
  • grappolo pinot bianco

Pinot bianco, the noble soul of Collio


Pinot Bianco
in Collio

The pinot bianco cluster, compact and united, inspires seven Collio families to gather around it to protect and preserve its greatness with different expressions of this noble wine, a rare pearl of elegance and finesse in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

A limited production, to make the most of every bunch of this elegant grape variety. Sixteen hectares are dedicated to the production of Pinot Bianco among the gentle hillsides of Collio. Lands where the ponca, with its minerals, and the microclimate, with its peculiar characteristics, allow a low but excellent yield, for a vine that arrived in Friuli from France 150 years ago and that today represents a true pearl among the typical products of this region.

A limited quantity that makes it possible to get to know the bottles one by one. The production process is followed step by step: from the rooted cuttings to the vines, from the buds to the bunches, and then in all the stages that take them from these gentle hillsides to your dinner tables. To ensure that each one lets you savour the aromatic range of Collio in all its most excellent nuances. 

Wine and art as cultural heritage.
The Pinot Bianco.

What are the connections between the colours of Van Gogh, Matisse, Kandinsky and the many shades of Pinot Bianco?

Ornella Venica explains in this video shot on the occasion of the initiative “10 hours of beauty for Gorizia and conviviality”, a moment of dialogue between works of art in a place of great cultural depth, the theatre.


Wine and Jazz

‘Wine and Jazz. In a way, the juxtaposition is inevitable, not because in its origins it was in semi-dark cellars that jazz music found its most devoted audience, but because both require a skilful combination of skill and technique, excellent raw material and, above all, time. Ermanno Basso, producer of the CAM JAZZ label, confirms the deep ties between wine and jazz, which he defines as “both so full of vitality!”, and emphasises their shared ability to cope with the months it takes to organise that one week of recording, roughly the time it takes for a good Friulian wine to acquire its mature identity.”

Brian Morton

Ying e Yang

Live at Venica&Venica Winery
Live recording at the Venica&Venica Winery

Rita Marcotulli, piano
Israel Varela, drums, vocals

As Rita Marcotulli has repeatedly emphasised, talking about genres in music makes little sense, music just exists. And in this live recording at the Venica & Venica Winery in Dolegna del Collio, the pianist in a duo with the baton player and singer Israel Varela proves the truth of this statement. “Yin and Yang”, which is released by Cam Jazz for the “A Night at the Winery” series, contains eight tracks, almost all by Marcotulli with the exception of a track by Varela and a piece by Lokua Kanza and Vander Lee, in which to speak of jazz is reductive to express the most iridescent and multiform universe of sound represented.

Paola Parri

Nítido e Obscuro

Live at Venica&Venica Winery
Live recording at the Venica&Venica Winery

Gabriele Mirabassi, clarinet
Roberto Taufic, guitar

By dedicating the unreleased composition Donna Ornella, Gabriele Mirabassi and Roberto Taufic took me to a new dimension that made me feel special.”

Ornella Venica

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