VIVA Project

Assessing the Impact of Viticulture on the Environment

The Ministry of Ecological Transition launched the national VIVA project in 2011, which aims to measure and improve the sustainability performance of the wine supply chain through the analysis of four indicators.

Venica joined from the pilot phase, becoming part of the group of 9 companies that started the project. Today, 107 companies have joined VIVA.

  • Air

    The AIR indicator expresses the total greenhouse gas emissions generated, directly and indirectly, by company activities
  • Water

    The WATER indicator expresses the potential environmental impacts resulting from the use of fresh water.
  • Territory

    The TERRITORY indicator assesses the consequences of business activities on the territory, understood as the environment, biodiversity, landscape protection and enhancement, and the human community with its social and economic consequences.
  • Vineyard

    The VINEYARD indicator assesses agronomic management practices: the use of pesticides and their impact on water, air and soil;

Venica’s commitment

Environmental eco-sustainability is the starting point of a process that brings producers and consumers together and focuses attention on the uniqueness of each wine as an expression of individual production. By committing ourselves to maintaining the integrity of the soil and protecting biodiversity, we add value to our business and become ‘sentinels’ of the territory.


1. The vineyards subject to treatment, if the treatment does not cover the entire surface area of the farm, are specified when compiling the vineyard logbook

2. When the waste was disposed of, the operator made an estimate of the quantity (data on waste in the winery)


1. Rainwater is recovered in underground tanks and reused in vineyard operations (recovery system)

2. Water used in the internal bottle washing station is intercepted and used in the external bottle washing station (recovery and reuse system)

3. Water from the sprayer washing station is, after decantation, reused in subsequent pesticide treatments (recovery and reuse system)


1. In the years 2018-2019 when sowing the green manure, the slope of each inter-row was assessed and consequently the last 5-10m were left with natural grassing (photo material)


1. A Training Plan has been drawn up and is to be regularly updated

2. Walking and cycling routes have been created

3. A written procedure has been drawn up to warn residents in areas close to the vineyards of the treatments being carried out

Why a sustainability report?

“Respect for nature and people has distant origins in our family: our grandfather Daniele taught us to respect the cycles of nature and to only use natural products, both in the vineyards and in the cellars. The modern approach and scientific research have led us to discover our environmental identity and to practice an agronomic and social management, made up of good daily practices that respect the environment, the people and the community in which we live.”

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