Tre Vignis


Doc Collio

Tre Vignis DOC Collio

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Tre Vignis


Doc Collio

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Technical information

Alcohol in vol. %


Total acidity ‰ :



This wine is a real blend of grapes. The complexity of vinifying different varieties together is given by the difficulty of harvesting the grapes with the same perfect ripeness. To overcome this problem, we pick the Friulano grapes at their optimal maturation because they compose half of the wine, and for the other varieties a manual sorting is carried out in the vineyard to harvest only the perfectly ripe bunches. The grapes were hand picked and de-stemmed on September 14th 2016.

Vinification | Aging

The maceration of the three grapes takes place at the same time, since it is a real blend of grapes. The must ferments and ages on the lees in 5 HL tonneaux (about 50%) and the rest in 30 HL stainless steel containers. Production is limited of around 2,000 bottles.


The wine was then blended and bottled during the full moon of July 2018.

Emotional information


Intense and brilliant golden.


The olfactory panorama ranges from bitter almond, typical of Friulano, to banana, coming from the Chardonnay grapes, to green pepper, unique of Sauvignon. Thus, it offers freshness, territoriality, and a harmonious bouquet of fruity and vegetable notes. There are also light vanilla and smoky shades.


In the mouth the structure is solid, the body is full, the sip is fruity, soft, slightly creamy and persistent, with a prolonged finish on toasted notes, on the tomato leaf of Sauvignon and on the bitter almond unique of Friulano.

To be paired with

The structure of this wine allows it to be paired with important dishes of baked white meat, porcini mushrooms, aged cheeses. Try it with spicy gorgonzola and pumpkin risotto or wild herbs crepes.

Serving temperature


Aging potential

over 10 years

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