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Historical French grape variety, Merlot was brought to Friuli-Venezia Giulia in 1869 by the Count Teodoro de La Tour and soon became the most popular red wine of the territory. Today, actually, in the typical Friulian “osteria” Merlot is the most common red wine to be poured when asked for a “taj di ros”, which is a good glass of red, perhaps with a slice of bread and raw ham.

Technical information

Alcohol in vol. %


Total acidity ‰ :



The grapes were hand picked and de-stemmed from September 20th to September 22nd 2017.

Vinification | Aging

After arriving to the cellar, the grapes have been macerated for 10 days; subsequently the wine has been aged in our cellar in wooden barrels of 25 and 7.5 HL for 13 months, during which the malolactic fermentation has taken place.


The wine was then blended and bottled at the end of October 2018.

Emotional information


Intense ruby red.


Young, fruity and slightly herbaceous, with an harmonious bouquet ranging from berries, in particular blueberries and black currants, to violets, plums, cherries, tomato leaf, fennel and rhubarb. Some medicinal herbs such as mint and thyme can be perceived too and also a balsamic note that fades into pine. The clearly recognizable feature is an herbaceous background that permeates all the wine and blends wonderfully with the warmth of the fruit notes.


On the palate it is wide and deep, medium-bodied, juicy and dripping of blackberries and cherries. The tannins are light and velvety and the herbaceous and earthy flavors balance the fruit aromas for a soft and enveloping sip. The acidity is generally low.

To be paired with

Typical local dishes such as a mix of ham and cheese appetizers, salami with vinegar or “brovada” (turnips) and “muset” (similar to a pork sausage). Otherwise with red meats, roasts, poultry and middle-aged cheesesi.

Serving temperature


Aging potential

over 10 years

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