Pinot Bianco in Collio


A new important chapter in the history of Collio was written on Wednesday the 30th of June. During the press conference, which was hosted at the Pascolo Vigne in Ruttàrs, Marco Felluga, a great patriarch of wine and promoter of this project, presented the “Rete d’impresa Pinot Bianco”.

Rete d’impresa Pinot Bianco nel Collio

This association combines seven historic and important wineries of the territory in the project that aims to enhance the Pinot Bianco in Collio with the identification of the optimal sites for each company. As in a family, in which everyone supports each other, also these companies – Castello di Spessa, Livon, Pascolo, Russiz Superiore, Schioppetto, Toros and Venica&Venica – have chosen to unite their aims in order to protect their land.

Rete d’impresa Pinot Bianco nel Collio
Sette aziende per il Pinot Bianco nel Collio
Rete d’impresa Pinot Bianco nel Collio
Pinot Bianco nel Collio

Pinot Bianco in Collio – Symbol of excellence

For over 150 years this vine has found a fixed abode in Collio, enhancing its identity and becoming a symbol of excellence in a region known worldwide for its white wines. This territory is suitable for the production of long-lived and structured wine and it also allows the grape of Pinot Bianco to enhance the intrinsic specificity in an elegant way.

It is a vine that requires great care in agronomic management but the efforts are rewarded by its very elegant notes enclosed in the glass. It is a convivial wine which with its finesse conquers and unites people creating new bonds.

VENICA & VENICA  PINOT BIANCO Talis _Photo ©Carola Nitsch

Talís – the Pinot Bianco of Venica & Venica

Referring to the words of Liliana Savioli, in her article ‘Sette aziende per il Pinot Bianco. Rete d’impresa nel Collio’, << Il Talís of Venica&Venica with its verticality and its length leads us into a mountain meadow below the Tre Cime di Lavaredo>>. In fact, the word Talís in Friulano means dandelion, whose flower colors with yellow buttons our spontaneous meadows. It is a straw yellow wine which has on the nose splendid and persistent notes of chamomile, flowering fleur-de-lis and renetta apple. This typical elegance of the vine is also reflected in the palate with a strong, lively and at the same time gentle sip.


Let’s toast together to this wonderful project raising a glass of Talís.