Venica & Venica: a pearl of Collio

… located in the northernmost village of the DOC Collio, Dolegna, where the climate is cooler and the vineyards grow on very steep hills surrounded by woods rich in biodiversity.

The winery is specialized in white wines, as usual in this area, but it also offers a small range of great Friulian red wines


90 years of history represented by an excellence brand, famous all over Italy and the world.


The Collio’s territory certainly does its part: with its climatic variety and its subsoil composed by sandstone marls of Eocene origin, it represents one of the best areas in Italy to grow white grapes, offering wines characterized with good aromaticity and complexity on the nose, body and structure in the mouth, acidity and a mineral component which makes them particularly recognizable.

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Award-winning wines

However, there’s more: the Venica family has reached by now the fourth generation dedicated to wine production, with grandfather Daniele that founded the winery in 1930. This means almost a century of experience as winegrowers, with passion for their territory, values, farming-life philosophy and secrets of profession handed down meticulously from father to son and kept as a treasure.

It is not a coincidence that Venica&Venica’s wines receive the highest prizes and awards every year from the first vintages by the main Italian and international wine guides.



We suggest you some published articles that tell the prizes & awards we received.

Ronco delle Mele and Ronco delle Cime, the two Cru wines of winery Venica & Venica

Ronco delle Cime FriulanoRonco delle Mele Sauvignon – the two Cru wines of winery Venica & Venica

The Grapes

Excellent grapes are an essential requirement for a great wine.

But it also takes other ingredients.
Some come from science and technology: we always choose the best of the best.

But still, this would not be enough. It takes a great deal of love from the time we welcome the grapes to the cellar to the moment we say goodbye to the bottle that travels the world.

Love and Passions. Always.

Discover our Wines

Visit of our Winery and tasting of Venica wines


To better understand the philosophy of the Venica family, to discover who has been behind the 90 years history of VENICA wine, we offer the opportunity to visit the winery, the historic cellar, to book a guided tasting of our wines or to be a guest in the Wine Resort inside our historical family estate in Dolegna del Collio.


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It is also possible throughout the year to visit our store in Dolegna del Collio at the headquarters, to taste and buy wines directly.


Wine Shop – Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday  9.30 am – 6.30 pm