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Characteristics of Venica’s Vineyards in the Collio


Venica’s vineyards occupy an area of 40 hectares and are located on different hills in the Collio region, each one of which, facing a different direction, has its own particular microclimate. This gives our wines an incredible complexity.

The soils of the Collio region, known as “Ponka“, are composed of marl and sandstone dating back to the Eocene period.

These stratifications that are also partly rocky are easily broken down by the weather pattern, that creates coarse elements that initially result in a granular soil and later in a very fine one.


Over several seasons, this becomes an ideal substrate for viticulture, that provides minerals and flavour to our wines.

1930 – 2020

The vineyards: past and future of the Venica family

2020 – The Venica family celebrates the 90th anniversary lived in Dolegna del Collio, focusing attention on each of our vineyards.

The temporal space of Venica & Venica has been marked, year after year, by the purchase of always new Ronchi, because the earth is our identity, our most precious asset!!!

Here is the history and wines of our most significant vineyards:


Località  CERO’

Daniele Venica | Fondatore della Venica & Venica | Nonno di Gianni e Giorgio Venica

Daniele Venica, the founder, on February 6th 1930 purchases the first piece of land and buildings of the winery: 10 hectares of vineyards, orchards and arable lands with a farmhouse and a stable, located in Cerò, near Dolegna del Collio. This village is the northernmost one of Collio’s area; the coolest place with the highest daytime temperature excursions and the steepest hills. Here, the massive presence of woods gives more complexity to the wines.

Thus, a path of life begins, with the values and wisdom of farming at its center.

The descendants collect the inheritance and, continuously, consolidate the relationship with their Territory: Past and Future of the Family.

Guardian of the territory


The son Adelchi Venica joins his father also during the hard times of the postwar period. He does not emigrate, as usual for the time in the region; on the contrary, he stays in Dolegna to protect a borderland.

During the years, he slowly manages to develop the winery, opening in 1972 the restaurant “Trattoria da Venica” to consume on site his products: wine, fruit, milk and meat.

Adelchi Venica | Father of Gianni e Giorgio | Venica & Venica Winery
The third generation


Gianni e Giorgio Venica start their path in 1977 with some acquisitions of areas in the surroundings, renovations of vineyards and staff training.

First of all they decide to begin producing bottles instead of bulk wine; therefore, Venica’s wines become ambassadors of a Territory and of the Family’s name.

Gianni e Giorgio Venica



Sauvignon Project


On the North-West side of Cerò hill begins the growing of Sauvignon vines and the two owners mature the awareness that this is the best location to obtain wines with great aromaticity.

The apple trees are already there, they were planted by Daniele, but the first vines of Sauvignon R3 (a selection made by Rauscedo) were settled by Gianni and Giorgio in 1984.

The idea of “Ronco delle Mele” project takes shape.

Vineyards Collio | Ronco delle Mele - VENICA & VENICA _Photo ©Renzo Schiratti
“Ronco delle Mele” Sauvignon


The rich variety of micro-climates of Cerò hill results very clear on the Nort-West side, from which we obtain the grapes for Ronco delle Mele that in the glass bring strong and vibrant emotions.

On the nose we can capture aromas of boxwood, tomato leaf and passion fruit; the sip is fresh and salty with citrus flavours and a nice minerality that emphatizes its persistency.

The nose is intesively elegant but on the palate it is full-bodied and smooth.

Bottles of SAUVIGNON RONCO DELLE MELE in their vineyard | VENICA & VENICA _Photo ©Carola Nitsch


JESERA Vineyard

Vignards Collio | Jesera - Venica & Venica _Photo ©Carola Nitsch
Identification of the best locations


The studying of the best locations for each grape variety goes on with the purchase of “Jesera” vineyard in the valley area close to the company’s buildings. In this case: Pinot Grigio.

Bottle of Jesera Pinot Grigio DOC Collio | VENICa & VENICA



Vineyards Collio | Ronco Bernizza - VENICA & VENICA _Photo ©Renzo Schiratti

The aquisition of larger portions of land begins with 5 hectares of vineyards in location Bernizza. On the North-West side of the hill, in the hearth of a wooded area rich in biodiversity, is found the ideal exposure for Chardonnay vines. The target is giving this international grape variety a strong territory influence that brings, in the glass, structure and elegance.

Some bottle of Chardonnay Ronco Bernizza | Venica & Venica



In 1985 the family opens a farmhouse hospitality business with only 3 bedrooms.

Today, we offer to our guests the possibility to visit the historical cellar and taste our wines inside it. In our Wine Resort  it is possible to stay in 6 bedrooms and 2 apartments for a total relax holiday among the perfumes and flavours of our territory.


MEDEN  Vineyard

Vignards Collio | MEDEN - Venica & Venica _Photo ©Carola Nitsch
A wine coming from the heart


By buying 5 hectares in location Meden, the winery increases its production of Ribolla Gialla, ancient vine from Friuli that well represents the transition from one generation to the other one.

With vintage 2007, Gianni and Giorgio dedicate to their father the wine “L’Adelchi”, to honour and thank him for his precious treasure, especially for his important teachings of wise farmer with a special focus on human values and respect for nature.

“L’ Adelchi” Ribolla Gialla


A vine and a wine that reminds our hills and represents a remarkable part of Friulan wine history, being present in the region for at least 700 years.

It loves sunny and well-ventilated hilly areas.

This wine is delicate in its floral and fruity aromas, with a nice presence of citrus fruits.


A “wine coming from the heart” of the family.

Wine Resort Venica & Venica in Dolegna del Collio | Some old bottles of RIBOLLA GIALLA L'Adelchi



The winery purchases the whole hill of Cerò, thus reaching a total area of 12 hectares.

From 1995 the project “Spirit of the place” starts to take shape with the first production of “Ronco delle Mele” Sauvignon DOC Collio, to differentiate from “Ronco del Cerò” which assembles the vinifications of Sauvignon grapes coming from the other vineyards.

DOC Collio vineyards, located in the Cerò area on the hills and valleys in the surroundings of the winery complex



Vineyards Venica & Venica | Ronco delle Cime Fiulano DOC Collio | Photo ©Carola Nitsch

The purchase of 5 hectares in location Cime, our highest vineyard, is finalized. Here the hill is very steep, characterized by several micro-climates and surrounded by forests.

The exposure is ideal to produce excellent Friulano grapes and implement the project ‘Spirit of the Place’ with “Ronco delle Cime“ Friulano.

Vineyards Venica & Venica | RONCO DELLE CIME Fiulano DOC Collio | Photo ©Carola Nitsch
“Ronco delle Cime” Friulano


Looking towards Mount Canin’s glacier, the vineyard is oriented to the North-West and open to the fresh breeze coming from the mountains.

The medium altitude is 200 m above the sea level.

“It is strongly intense on the nose and in the mouth, rich in perfumes and with a great character which is well-balanced by smoothiness and minerality”.

It emphatizes the relationship between the grape, the soil and the micro-climate of the single vineyard.

Venica & Venica Wines | Friulano Ronco delle Cime | Harvest 2017 | Photo ©Carola Nitsch


RUTTARS Vineyard

Venica aquires also a piece of land in the wonderful location of Ruttars, with 5 hectares of vineyards facing Collio’s hills and the Julian pre-Alps in the background.

This slope gives to its wines a perfect balance of freshness and minerality.

Vineyards Venica & Venica | Ruttars DOC Collio | Photo ©Carola Nitsch


From father to son

Today Venica&Venica counts 90 hectares of property among which 40 are vineyards, 42,5 are forests and the remaining part is occupied by the winery, the offices, the wine resort and its garden.


While creating this brochure to celebrate our 90 years we ended up in the unreal emergency of Covid-19.

Our sons will remember this too, in the same way that for us it was inspiring the example of grandfather Daniele with his commitment facing the huge difficulties brought by the Great Depression of 1929 and the Second World War.


History repeats itself!!!

Gianni & Giorgio Venica with Ornella, Virginia, Giampaolo, Serena and Marta Venica
Gianni & Giorgio Venica with Ornella, Virginia, Giampaolo, Serena and Marta Venica | 2018