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First sustainability report: DOING GOOD FOR GOOD

2018 / 2019 – We are pleased to present you with our First Sustainability Report entitled FARE BENE PER FARE DEL BENE. A document that transparently recounts our commitment to the territory, our respect for our land and biodiversity, the valorisation of our various resources, and our morality in working to pass on and preserve.




>> … So to greet with satisfaction and respect the sustainability (or social) balance sheet that Venica presents here pays credit to an effort that is first and foremost conceptual rather than operational. After all, the VENICA values are family cohesion, they are the constant appeal to the roots and inheritance of tradition, they are the balanced measuring of innovation, they are the pouring of all energy into the company, but with a smile, to draw from the harmony of creation, the harmony of production.

It is enough – to read this sustainability report – to taste a Ronco Cime, a Ronco Mele, a Merlot or a Ribolla and that excellent Pinot Bianco signed VENICA to understand that those bottles are born from a life project that guides the production process in the vineyard.

You feel a sense of belonging in them, you discover the values of the territory, you taste the will and the effort, you are inebriated by the friendly familiarity, and finally you become satisfied with total quality. Which is yes, product quality, but first and foremost it is the will to work well and it is quality of design.
VENICA’s wines are products of value, the price is just a conventional mediation to express the eternal relationship that binds this family to its land.


The First Sustainability Report: a document, a story, a life project!


But here is the need to move towards the future: it is the sustainability report that certifies the company’s harmonious and committed way of being. This is how these intentions should be read, in this light the figures should be examined, knowing that that of the VENICA in Dolegna, where the Collio is manifested in its magnificence of naturalness and in its anthropic depth through the historical becoming, is the presence of generations. Each passing of the baton for the VENICA family has meant consolidating experiences and perpetuating an oath of loyalty to their land, to their origins, to their morality in working to hand down, to preserve, to be shrewd stewards of Creation and not despoilers – as Benedetto da Norcia would have recommended.

If one has a profit-maximising mentality, one does not perpetuate the land for generations as the VENICAs did, who today, as then, preserve their land to continue to benefit from it, giving us with their wines the happiness of Leonardo’s memory.


The VENICA have an innate sustainability that today they rightly translate into a document. Here: this first sustainability report is the synthesis of this path.
Well aware – and here is another anniversary that makes us aware that wine is an agriCultural product – that two hundred years after the publication of Giacomo Leopardi’s L’Infinito with the immense poet from Recanati who was an admirer and connoisseur of wine, we can say:
“Wine is the most certain, and (without comparison) the most effective consoler. Therefore vigour; therefore nature; wine is good at awakening new hopes and dispelling the bitterness of tensions’.
In the end, therein lies sustainability…. <<



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