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For Venica & Venica, sustainability is daily commitment and transparency

The sustainability report of Venica & Venica, a family winery in northern Collio, has been presented to their sales network and the press and is now available on their website.

An unusual choice for a small company to make a sustainability report, but if you go and read, or just view, the document you will realise that it is not just a balance sheet. It is a full and detailed portrait of the history and current life of the company and the family. A story that, like that of their vineyards, has its roots in the land. Those hills, that land, that water and that air are the perfect habitat for their vines and their well-being translates into equally perfect wines. A magical balance that the Venica family oversees and cares for with respect, meticulous attention and pride.

Copertina dell Primo Bilancio di Sostenibilità

This love for the land has given rise to many ecological choices and many initiatives, as well as the desire to host visitors at their winery in order to give them a closer look at that little paradise, with its perfect balance.


V.I.V.A. Sustainable wine project


But in 2011, the family had the idea of venturing into a pilot project V.I.V.A. Sustainable wine, an initiative launched by the Ministry of the Environment in collaboration with nine companies and three research centres for sustainable ‘Made in Italy’ wine.
The project aims to concretely measure all the elements that contribute to the sustainability of the life-wine chain, starting with the calculation of water and carbon footprints.

And for Venica, this adventure turned into a new job, which involved the whole family.

Notes, measurements, fine-tuning of new techniques and methodologies, and then notes and measurements again. A job with no end in sight, but continuous new goals to reach… because you can always improve, alas.

An evaluation and monitoring of soil biodiversity was also carried out, and proof was provided of a thesis that has always been close to the heart of the Venica family: soil quality translates into product quality, and the scent of the earth is the scent of its products.

The carbon footprint and water footprint were evaluated in terms of both the company organisation and the individual bottle, and the results, which can be found on their website, were very positive, a balance of which the Venica team is justifiably proud. But the work continues because sustainability is measurable…



Fonte: https://www.ledonnedelfood.it/per-venica-venica-la-sostenibilita-e-impegno-quotidiano-e-trasparenza/

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