Venica & Venica festeggia i 90 anni

Venica & Venica celebrates 90 years of the company

The Venica Family is thrilled to share with you the emotion of our (first) 90 years, described in this article published by Messaggero Veneto:


Venica & Venica celebrates 90 years of the company «Wine and sustainability».


Udine, Italy. The deed dates back to February 6th 1930 and it is jealously kept in the family archives. That day, a young sharecropper from Collio, Daniele Venica, took the most important decision of his life. And which also determined the lives of the next generations. Actually, he signed the first purchase contract of a cottage house located in Cerò, a village in the municipality of Dolegna del Collio, and the sorrounding vineyards.

Therefore, in 2020 the company Venica & Venica turns exactly 90 years old. An important anniversary for one of the oldest families in the Friulian wine business.

Back at that time, in the 30s, Daniele Venica already used to make wine, both red and white, and sell it to the taverns and trattorias of Gorizia’s and Cividale’s areas.

Afterward, Daniele’s son Adechi kept being a wine-maker despites the hard times of the Post-War period, when most of the people took the path of emigration, abandoning lands, properties and professions. Adelchi, born exactly in 1930, decided to stay here, at two inches from what became later the iron curtain, the border between East and West.

Nevertheless, he didn’t give up, becoming sort of a “guardian of the territory”. Step by step he managed to develop his company and to bring some dynamism. For example, in 1972 he started to sell wine directly from his own cellar, and he was one of the first ones to do it.”


The real take-off of the winery took place in 1976,


when Gianni Venica, born in 1956, recently graduated from the technical wine school of Cividale, discovered the white wine vinification and decided to implement it. In 1977, both red and white wines from Venica&Venica were bottled for the very first time, starting from the ex-Tocai. Shortly after, Gianni’s brother Giorgio Venica joined the company too, with a particular role in taking care of the cellar.

The 80s were those of the export boom. With the first countries opening to trade, starting from Germany and immediately after the US, which still nowadays represent the main markets for Cerò’s wine-growers. In 1985 the family opened a farmhouse which has turned during the years into an elegant “wine resort” in the middle of the countryside.

Today, in the 2000s, the time has come for the fourth generation of the Venicas, Gianni and Giorgio’s sons and daughters:Giampaolo, Serena and Marta, each one with a specific role.

At the moment Venica & Venica owns 40 hectares of vineyards which are all located inside the Collio DOC area. It produces between 280 and 310 thousand bottles per year. According to the vintage and the harvest, 85% white wines (Ronco delle Mele and Toblar are among the most appreciated ones) and the remaining part, which is 15%, red wines (from Merlot to Schioppettino). The market shares, only in the Horeca sector, are divided into about 55% for the Italian market and 45% for the foreign markets, mainly Germany, USA, the rest of Europe and Asia, from Japan to Corea.


Sustainability for Venica & Venica …


Sustainability for Venica & Venica is not a trend, it is a bunch of practices followed since 2006, when photovoltaic panels were purchased by the winery to produce energy and heaten water. In 2019 the enterprise realized its first sustainability report, an extra document that only large companies listed on the stock exchange are compulsorily required to submit.


08/02/2020 Maurizio Cescon ©Messaggero Veneto: Venica & Venica celebra i 90 anni dell’azienda «Vino e sostenibilità»