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At Venica’s, it is not uncommon to catch a glimpse, among the foliage of the dense forest around the farm building, of some roe deer approaching to browse and drink, especially at dusk in spring and autumn. Just as sometimes early in the morning, when the vineyards are still shrouded in the silence of the morning mist, one notices the footprints of wild boars that venture between the rows at night. Not to mention hares or foxes, which are frequently spotted crossing the winding country roads surrounding the farm.

The defence of the landscape and biodiversity are among the fundamental values of Venica&Venica, which has always preserved the wooded areas on the estate’s land since the planning of planting new vineyards, never significantly reducing their extension. Today, the company boasts 40 hectares under vine and the same number of hectares of woodland, with a view to safeguarding the surrounding environment by paying ever greater attention to preserving the integrity of the ecosystem that characterises the territory.

Biodiversity is defined as the richness of life forms in an environment; it enables life itself, since without the complex chain of interactions between living beings, no life would exist. (p. 38 of the report).

Every leaf that falls to the ground in the autumn only returns to life if it is progressively destroyed by bacteria, fungi, earthworms and higher animals, and thanks to them is broken down to a set of simple elements that are absorbed by the plant, to regenerate new leaves. (Page 39 of the balance sheet)

To safeguard the environment adjacent to the hectares planted with vines, the company manages the so-called ‘buffer strips’ on the edge of the vineyards. These are permanent vegetated areas consisting of more than 40 tree and shrub species (2017 census). The function of these strips is to protect the forest and water from contamination, to retain parts of the soil eroded by weather events, and to maintain biodiversity and the diversification of the landscape.

The management of ‘buffer strips’ is part of a broader project to conserve forests and vegetated areas, which aims to create habitats for the survival of numerous species of mammals, birds, insects, grasses and trees.

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