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FORBES: An important recognition for our MERLOT

FORBES: 5 Bottles To Make You Rethink Merlot!


Venica & Venica are honored to have received another important recognition from America after Bloomberg and the Washington Post.

Our MERLOT 2016 • DOC Collio has been nominated from FORBES with 4 other wines from Bordeaux and Napa Valley: “…. It is juicy and fresh, delightful and fun. For those that have caught on to the trend of chilled red wines, this is one to throw into the mix …”

“… While it lacks the overt terroir transparency of some grape varieties, Merlot morphs when it is planted in different regions. Those convinced that Merlot is always too full and out of balance should try those of northern Italy or Washington, and those who proclaim that Merlot is only cheap and cheerful has never tasted the greats of the Right Bank of Bordeaux …”
“…. vintner experience and experimentation make better and better Merlot each year. Here are five wines that break the pervasive stereotypes surrounding Merlot and begin to show the range of this noble variety.”: