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FOOD LIFESTYLE: a family taking care of the environment

Venica & Venica, a family-run winery, has recently submitted its first Sustainalibity Report during the last months, anticipating all the other Collio‘s producers and more. Actually, Venica&Venica is among the first
medium-small Italian wineries to present this report, a collection of good practices.


Ornella Venica: … “The Sustainability Report is a statement of responsibility for the future. Where the land is good and healthy, there will be good wine: the more the soil is intact and undamaged, the better quality will be the product.
That’s not all. The Sustainability Report tells the story of an agricultural product which then creates business, but most of all it tells the story of a land. A sustainable wine is a wine that pay particular attention to its territory, with its environment and its community. Identity and responsibility, these are the two key words, because today’s actions are a result of the past history and a commitment for the future. The mission is to preserve and offer certain values and to keep transmitting them to the next generations”. …


“The environment is not a property, but a gift that we must respect, protect and leave to the next generations.”


Science and technique have changed the vinification world, but the Venica family wants to keep alive those truly ancient and authentic values.
Gino Veronelli, a very famous Italian wine critic and writer, persuades to walk among the vineyards. Venica & Venica took this inspiration as a motivation to “doing well to do good”: a path of careful observation and planning taking care of the vine, its roots, the soil in which the plant lives and the environment.


On the one hand, the key parameters to be respected when drawing up a Sustainability Report are technical (carbon footprint, water footprint, energy saving, etc.). On the other hand, the step to differentiate lies in communicating the awareness of having received the land as a gift and having the duty to leave it intact and healthy to those who will come after us.


A family taking care of the environment, that will allow the Sun to continue giving its time to ripening a bunch of grapes.


Published on Food Lifestyle by Francesca Orlando