White Wines

One of the most renowned white wine cellars in the Collio area, Venica&Venica has always pursued the path of excellence, respecting tradition and promoting its values and origins. A border territory between Friuli Venezia Giulia and Slovenia. Here there are vineyards that climb up different hills, each of which, given the different altitudes and exposures, has various microclimates that provide and guarantee incredible complexity to the wines.

Most (about 85%) of the 40 or so hectares of vineyards are white grapes. Each has its own specific characteristics in terms of position, morphological conformation, exposure to sunlight and air currents, the presence of surrounding woodland, humidity, slope, etc. Each individual hectare is unique. Every single hectare is unique and, indeed, there are often several different microclimates on the same hill.

Wine Experience

For those who wish to experience something unique, it is possible to visit our historical cellar all year long, followed by a guided wine tasting. 

The guided wine tour, apart from the vinification process explaination, is set out in a path with the name “Le Vite dei Venica“. This itinerary tells the story of the different generations of the family, where each door embodies a generation.

An interblend of history and modernity, even in the architecture of the cellar. Guests can visit the old cellar with old vintages, the oak cellar, the vinification cellar, the vineyard, the bottling room and finally have the wine tasting. A real emotional path

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