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Messaggero Veneto: Venica & Venica celebrates 90 years of the company

The Venica family is happy to share with you the excitement of our (first) 90 years, described in this article in the Messaggero Veneto:


Venica & Venica celebrates 90 years of the ‘Wine and Sustainability’ company


“Udine. The deed bears the date 6 February 1930 and is jealously guarded in the family archives. On that day, a young sharecropper from Collio, Daniele Venica, took the decisive step of his life, which also determined the lives of the generations that came after. He signed the preliminary purchase agreement for a farmhouse in Cero’, a locality in the municipality of Dolegna, and the surrounding vineyards.
So it is exactly 90 years of the Venica&Venica company, an important anniversary for one of the oldest families of Friulian wine. At that time, in the 1930s, Daniele Venica was already making wine, red and white, which he sold in taverns and trattorias in the Gorizia and Cividalese areas.

Later, the founder’s son, Adelchi, continued the wine trade, albeit in hard times. Those of the post-war period, when most of the population took the road of emigration, abandoning land and old professions. Adelchi, born in 1930, stayed up here, a stone’s throw from what became the Iron Curtain, the border between East and West, but he did not give up, becoming a kind of ‘sentinel of the territory’. Slowly he succeeded in developing the company and bringing dynamism to it, so much so that in 1972 he began to sell his wine directly on the premises, one of the first to do so.”


The real take-off took place in 1976,


when Gianni Venica, born in 1956, freshly graduated from the Cividale wine-making school, discovered white wine-making and applied it. In 1977, Venica & Venica’s whites and reds were bottled for the first time, starting with the former Tocai. Giorgio Venica, Gianni’s brother, soon joined the company and took charge of the cellar.

The eighties were the years of the export boom. With the first markets opening up, Germany and immediately afterwards the United States, countries that still today represent the strong points of the Cero’ winemakers. In 1985, the first nucleus of the agriturismo opened, today transformed into an elegant ‘wine resort’ immersed in the countryside.

And now, in the 2000s, the fourth generation of the Venica family, Gianni and Giorgio’s children: Giampaolo, Serena and Marta, each with their own specific task, has entered the control room.
Venica&Venica currently owns 40 hectares of vineyards, all in the Collio DOC area, producing between 280 and 310 thousand bottles a year. Depending on the season and the harvest, 85% white wines (Ronco delle Mele and Toblar among the most awarded and appreciated) and the remaining 15% reds (from Merlot to Schioppettino). Market shares, in the Horeca sector alone, speak of 55% in Italy and 45% abroad, mainly Germany, the United States, the rest of Europe and Asia, from Japan to Korea.


Sustainability for Venica & Venica …


is not a fashion, but a practice implemented since 2006, when photovoltaic panels were purchased to produce energy and hot water. To arrive in 2019 with the first sustainability report, a document that only large listed companies are required to present.”


08/02/2020 Maurizio Cescon ©Messaggero Veneto: Venica & Venica celebrates 90 years of the company “Wine and sustainability”

Festival dello sviluppo sostenibile 2019

Discovering sustainable wineries

Sustainable Wines Network with Venica & Venica

LOGO di Vini Sostenibili


Saturday 08 June 2019 h. 13:00 – 19:00  


Visit to one of the sustainable wineries: Venica&Venica, tasting of a ‘sustainable wine’. For Venica&Venica, sustainability is the starting point of a process that unites producers and consumers and focuses attention on the uniqueness of each wine as an expression of the individual production reality. The company will meet the public to explain what it means to be certified ‘Viva – Sustainability in wine growing in Italy’ and talk about its commitments to sustainability.  


Event for groups of max. 10 people per hour. By appointment only. Make an appointment by sending an email to: or calling 0481-61264. Last appointment at 6 p.m.  

Media and Social

Event website > Organiser website > Facebook Venica & Venica > Facebook organiser >  


The event will take place at our headquarters: Località Cerò, 8 – Dolegna del Collio (GO)  

Immagine del pannello pubblicitario della Venica & Venica a Vinitaly 2013 con il progetto VIVA
Immagine del Progetto VIVA, portato nel 2013 al nostro Stand di VINITALY 

Enjoying the Friulian Collium by bike

Biking or walking 🚲🏃🏻♂️☀️ it is truly unique to enjoy the fantastic panorama of the Collio vineyards with the Julian Pre-Alps in the background and just a short distance from the Slovenian border. And also an excellent and refreshing break between nature and food and wine!!!

Our WINE-RESORT provides bicycles for guests to discover our territory. You will find bicycles for all tastes and conditions… even assisted bicycles 😎💪🏻


More information about bike tours: Friuli Venezia Giulia is a promised land for all cycle tourists!

For Venica & Venica, sustainability is daily commitment and transparency

The sustainability report of Venica & Venica, a family winery in northern Collio, has been presented to their sales network and the press and is now available on their website.

An unusual choice for a small company to make a sustainability report, but if you go and read, or just view, the document you will realise that it is not just a balance sheet. It is a full and detailed portrait of the history and current life of the company and the family. A story that, like that of their vineyards, has its roots in the land. Those hills, that land, that water and that air are the perfect habitat for their vines and their well-being translates into equally perfect wines. A magical balance that the Venica family oversees and cares for with respect, meticulous attention and pride.

Copertina dell Primo Bilancio di Sostenibilità

This love for the land has given rise to many ecological choices and many initiatives, as well as the desire to host visitors at their winery in order to give them a closer look at that little paradise, with its perfect balance.


V.I.V.A. Sustainable wine project


But in 2011, the family had the idea of venturing into a pilot project V.I.V.A. Sustainable wine, an initiative launched by the Ministry of the Environment in collaboration with nine companies and three research centres for sustainable ‘Made in Italy’ wine.
The project aims to concretely measure all the elements that contribute to the sustainability of the life-wine chain, starting with the calculation of water and carbon footprints.

And for Venica, this adventure turned into a new job, which involved the whole family.

Notes, measurements, fine-tuning of new techniques and methodologies, and then notes and measurements again. A job with no end in sight, but continuous new goals to reach… because you can always improve, alas.

An evaluation and monitoring of soil biodiversity was also carried out, and proof was provided of a thesis that has always been close to the heart of the Venica family: soil quality translates into product quality, and the scent of the earth is the scent of its products.

The carbon footprint and water footprint were evaluated in terms of both the company organisation and the individual bottle, and the results, which can be found on their website, were very positive, a balance of which the Venica team is justifiably proud. But the work continues because sustainability is measurable…




Venica&Venica’s first Sustainability Report presented at VINITALY 2019

Verona 8/4/2019

Press Release / Venica & Venica

The first Sustainability Report of Venica&Venica (Winegrowers since 1930), a leading company in the Friuli Venezia Giulia wine sector, was presented today at Vinitaly 2019.

In the Friuli-Venezia Giulia (ERSA) pavilion, Ornella Venica, head of corporate communications, Ettore Capri, university lecturer at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Piacenza and “creator” of the V.I.V.A. project with the Ministry of the Environment, and Marco Tonni, agronomist and head of the BIOPASS Project, were at the presentation.


In dialogue with writer Elena Commessatti, Ornella Venica passionately recounted the motivations that led to the drafting of a Sustainability Report, of which Venica&Venica is a pioneer in Friuli Venezia Giulia.
“The Sustainability Report is the realisation that we work to protect the earth and in relationship with the community,” Ornella Venica began. “It is a declaration of identity and responsibility: Today’s actions are in fact the result of a history that comes from the past and are a commitment to the future.”

With the story of ‘The Path of Good Practices: DOING GOOD FOR GOOD’, Venica&Venica presents itself as the virtuous example of a small company. Through the tool of the Balance Sheet, it recounts its path of sustainability handed down through the various generations, accounting for the results achieved and declaring its commitment for the future of doing good to do good. The Sustainability Report document can be viewed after this article and is now also a printed book (preface by Carlo Cambi).

“The Sustainability Report,” says Ornella Venica emotionally, “is a human, technical and entrepreneurial journey that tells a story, contains a mission and offers values to be transmitted.”


“The parameters to be respected are yes technical,” she continues, “but the difference is made by the heart and ‘walking the vineyards’ as Luigi Veronelli taught us.”
An engaging tale this one by Venica, which through the key words – awareness, responsibility and sharing – leads one to learn about the good practices of a company that has to do with “a gift”.

“Why do we do all this?” he concludes his speech. “We have received the earth as a gift and we have the responsibility to transfer it intact to future generations.”


Wine News:

Women of Food:






Some pages from the book:

Primo Bilancio di Sostenibilità
bilancio di sostenibilità
bilancio di sostenibilità
bilancio di sostenibilità

Alcune immagini della presentazione a VINITALY:

Photo by Renzo Schiratti

NEW: Our first bee hives in the vineyard

🐝🌼 Sustainability starts here: with bees in the vineyard 🌿🌼🐝


The first bee hives have arrived in our vineyard, painted in the colours of Venica: green, orange and yellow.

A really important step for the protection of biodiversity and the environment. The symbiosis between bees and agriculture is of fundamental importance for the pollination of flowers. So Venica & Venica seeks to encourage the very important presence of bees in our soils.

Watch the video: amidst all this flowery splendour of the green manure they have plenty to harvest!

THE FRIULI: Wine, music, champions and motors


Fauner also at the event in the Venica & Venica winery in Dolegna del Collio

Wine will not be the only protagonist on Saturday 23 March at the event scheduled at the Venica & Venica winery in Dolegna del Collio: the evening organised by Autopiù will in fact feature a performance by the internationally renowned violinist Mariko Masuda, who will play Paganini’s famous Capriccio number 24.

After her performance, Olympic champion Silvio Fauner (pictured) will draw the attention of guests attending the presentation of the new Evoque Range Rover model.

We want to give our guests an emotion they will remember,” says Rossella Ronzat of Autopiù. “Two important testimonials of the stature of Masuda and Fauner in the context of one of the most beautiful wine cellars in our region will make the presentation of the latest Range Rover jewel unique.


Here is the article in the daily newspaper ‘IL FRIULI’:,-musica,-campioni-e-motori/13/195647

GIFT VOUCHERS: Winery visit and wine tasting

GIFT VOUCHERS for a visit to our historical wine cellar with wine tasting.

A different gift for a wine-loving friend, for parents … or even better: for yourself?

We offer GIFT VOUCHERS that can be used for a visit to our historical wine cellar, followed by a guided tasting of our wines and accompanied by typical local cheeses.




For further information please visit our page: WINE TASTINGS

For information call us >> Tel. 0481 61264

or contact us by e-mail >>

We started with the 2018 grape harvest


Here … we’re off with the 2018 grape harvest !!!

An early return from holiday for the entire Venica & Venica staff for the 2018 Harvest, which started very early this August bank holiday week.
The grape that inaugurated the most awaited moment of the year this time is Sauvignon.

“Nítido e Obscuro” live recording at the Venica&Venica Winery Artists: Gabriele Mirabassi (clarinet), Roberto Taufic (guitar)

One evening in early June 2017, clarinettist Gabriele Mirabassi and guitarist Roberto Taufic ‘explored the various planes of colour and flavour in music’. (cit. Brian Morton)

The recording was made by Stefano Amerio at the Venica&Venica winery in Dolegna del Collio in June 2017 and mixed at the Artesuono studios in Cavalicco with artistic production by Ermanno Basso. Mastering was handled by Danilo Rossi.

“Jazz notes blend with the tasting notes of a glass of wine creating an evening of pure magic.

Emotions run on the wings of the notes of Nítido and Obscuro. Dedicating an unpublished composition to me, Donna Ornella, Gabriele Mirabassi and Roberto Taufic took me to a new dimension that made me feel special.” (cit. Ornella Venica)

“Wine and Jazz. In a way, the juxtaposition is inevitable, not because at its origins it was in semi-dark cellars that jazz music found its most devoted audience, but because both require a skilful combination of skill and technique, excellent raw material and, above all, time. Ermanno Basso, producer of the CAM JAZZ label, confirms the deep ties between wine and jazz, which he defines as “both so full of vitality!”, and emphasises their common ability to cope with the months it takes to organise that one week of recording, roughly the time it takes for a good Friulian wine to acquire its mature identity.” (quoting Brian Morton)

The CDs are available at:


© CoverPhoto of CD by Elisa Caldana
© All other photo rights reserved by Venica&Venica | Carola Nitsch

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