Through portals that remind generations of winemakers looking to the future.

Excerpts from “Venica wine. A portal to tomorrow” by Antonella Iozzo, Bluarte magazine.

“Time has passed since 1930, when Grandfather Daniele bought the company’s main building, giving birth to a new generation ready to consolidate its roots. Passing this threshold, the legacy of the past is enriched by new energies and new perspectives, a new era begins for Venica & Venica.

Not just a metaphor, but the emblem of a Concept, which revolves around the heartfelt identity, our origins as winemakers and becomes a tangible testimony through the ancient door of “home” [Daniele’s Portal], masterfully restored, and to which Ornella Venica is intimately tied for the profound meaning that it carries.

The symbol of a new path, a borderline between two worlds, an inter-connected reality. It opens to the future and closes the past behind us, or rather remains ajar, letting the magical essence of that past filter out.

[Daniele’s Portal]

[Adelchi’s Portal]

Venica wine. Culture and innovation
Gianni and Giorgio are two brothers who with care and passion have continued to promote the territory, cultivating with their own particular style their vineyards that exude character and culture, in one word “terroir”. Wine culture and the winemakers’ gestures, nature and innovation.
Over time, professionalism, respect for the land and history have become the living substance that has shaped the architecture of the Venica & Venica winery. Every environment effuses a seasoned beauty; the walls breathe memories and every corner reveals stories and thoughts; like the old pantry. The experience of living and surviving is tied to the pantry. Food nourishes us and leads us to each new day. Just like the door that nowadays guards this treasure [Adelchi’s Portal], precious, true to life, bare; it makes us reflect on the precarious situation of the past. Like food to the territory. A door that does not close but invites you to discover a world from which the directions of your future unfold. Walking between these walls is like affecting your sentiment, feeling your breath, embracing the emotional fabric to renew memories and remembrances at every moment.

Venica wine. Past and present life interwoven
The Cellar seems to be an intertwining of past and present life where modern design and winemaking innovation conveys a concept of motivating tradition and a future stemming from the past.
Stones, wood, steel and corten steel seem to identify new means of interpretation. With their working together, Gianni and Giorgio make tradition shine through in every little detail without ever underestimating the importance of progress. Unprecedented solutions that are identified by a new portal [Gianni & Giorgio’s Portal], a dynamic artwork that, in its simple opening and closing mechanism stages a rhythmic dance of gears reflecting eternity in the present moment. Symbiosis; it cannot be otherwise – modernity governed by reason and the soul. It can only work that way. Vision and remembrance as a synthesis of a growth process.

[Gianni & Giorgio’s Portal]

[Portal of the Future]

​Beyond it, the future awaits new generations [Portal of the Future].
Providing light on new faces, ideas, projects, intuitions that lead to communicating wine in its truest identity. From the vineyard to us, the terroir as a connecting force.