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Schioppettino: A visionary red

Following the thoughts of journalist Carlo Cambi, it is certainly unusual that a winery, known and multi-awarded for its white wines, should rely instead on a red to celebrate its 90th anniversary! And that’s not all: Venica&Venica, going to the roots of its viticulture, has chosen an identifiable but niche red: Ribolla Nera.

Not familiar? Then follow us to discover together the origins of this novelty that will arrive in 2020, in the year Venica & Venica celebrates its 90th anniversary.



By Carlo Cambi in ‘La Verità’, June 2020

“It could only begin with a coup de theatre this palindrome and bisesto 2020 for the Venicas. Gianni is used to amazement, Giorgio is not, he as a former pilot values every trifle, but he let himself be drawn by his brother into an oenological oxymoron.

The Venicas owe their ample and well-deserved fame, also built up by Ornella with patient word and deed work and now flanked by Serena, to the whites: the great Ronco Cime Friulano and Ronco Mele, perhaps the most distinctive of the Sauvignons produced in Italy. Can you expect that to celebrate a historic year, 90 vintages since the founder Daniele Venica started the company, they would rely on a red? That’s not enough: they have chosen, going to the roots of their viticulture, an identity red, but a niche one: Ribolla Nera.”




Gianni and Giorgio Venica with their latest creation: Schioppettino.

Pictured is a moment from the 2020 vintage with freshly harvested grapes.

Schioppettino | Venica & Venica Vendemmia 2020

Schioppettino: the identity of the Judrio valley


“Not familiar? Then let’s call it Schioppettino: a grape variety that is the identity of the Judrio valley, the former Austro-Hungarian and now Slovenian border. It was such a neglected vine that in the mid-twentieth century they removed it from the Friuli Venezia Giulia wine registers. There was a half revolt by the vine growers of Prepotto and finally Schioppettino came back to life. In the sunshine of a valley plunging from the Julian Pre-Alps.

It was, like Ribolla Gialla, the wine of the countryside, and today it has returned to excellence, complex and unmistakable as it is. The Venicas have invested ten years in this rebirth. Five to have the first good harvest, another six to age the Schioppettino, first in wood fifteen months, then in glass five years. The 2012 vintage is now on the market, and the bottle, a borgognotta – and this too is unique for the Venicas – bears on the label an extract from the 1930 deed of purchase of the winery’s main body.

The colour is an intense, brilliant ruby, the nose explosive with wild blackberry, raspberry with accentuated pepper and musky undertones, the palate is, as in the style of the house, caressing, ample. It is a Venica and so the return is eternal on sweetly spiced notes. A wine for red meats, for savoury pastas, for hard cheeses. For me with polenta with mushrooms, Montasio and D’Osvaldo ham.”

Venica&Venica: ‘The Grape Harvest in Via Montenapoleone


From the grape harvest in the vineyards to the glamorous event in the centre of a city like Milan, for Venica&Venica the step is short. The historic winery of Dolegna del Collio will be the protagonist from 8 to 10 October of the “Vendemmia in via Montenapoleone”, the now traditional event promoted by MonteNapoleone District, in collaboration with the Comitato Grandi Cru d’Italia, to unite the production of Italian excellence, distinguished by luxury brands and the most prestigious wineries of Made in Italy.


Venica & Venica protagonist in Milan at PINKO


Venica & Venica on 8 October at 7.30 p.m., and until 10 p.m., will be the protagonist of the ‘Cocktail in boutique’ in the Pinko space.

“Three of our proposals for the ‘grape harvest’ in the city. – illustrates Ornella Venica – “Talis” Pinot Bianco, a symbol of the productive elegance of Collio and the alpine areas of Mitteleuropa; “Ronco delle Cime” Friulano, the autochthonous wine that best expresses the Venica family’s bond with their land; “Ronco delle Mele” Sauvignon, the international grape variety that in Collio is embellished with the spirit of the place. And for lovers of ‘black’, there will be the 2017 Merlot Doc Collio, where the perception of the freshness of red undergrowth fruit intoxicates the sense of smell.”


On the previous days, precisely 6 October, Venica&Venica will participate in the charity auction, organised on this occasion, with the Ronco delle Cime Friulano Magnum celebrating the winery’s 90th anniversary.

Finally, on Friday 9th October, the Cantina di Dolegna will participate in the testing involving all the wineries present at the “Vendemmia in Via Montenapoleone”, scheduled at the party hall of the Four Seasons hotel in Milan.

2020: Venica &Venica’s 90th Anniversary Harvests

Ornella Venica: «Le condizioni climatiche hanno contribuito a un’ottima maturazione, premessa per un vino di qualità. L’acidità delle uve a bacca bianca simile a quella degli anni Novanta, quando le temperature erano inferiori. Nella famiglia dei Pinot, produzione in calo dell’8-10 per cento».

Condizioni climatiche ottimali hanno contribuito a una vendemmia 2020 di ottima qualità, premessa per un vino di altrettanto pregio: le piogge regolari hanno impedito alle viti di subire stress idrico, la buona escursione termica ha calibrato perfettamente carica aromatica e acidità, rendendo le uve di quest’anno molto simili a quelle degli anni Novanta, quando la gradazione era leggermente inferiore a quella delle ultime stagioni, accentuata dall’innalzamento delle temperature.

Venica&Venica, la storica Cantina di Dolegna del Collio, racconta così la sua 90esima vendemmia, praticata in un anno in cui il Covid-19 ha messo in crisi molti aspetti della vita socio-economica ma non è riuscito a piegare la natura, che sta “regalando” raccolti da mettere in memoria.


Waiting for the red grapes to be picked between the last days of September and the beginning of October.

This year’s white grape harvest began on 25 August and ended on 18 September. A period in which the Venica&Venica family and their collaborators entered the vineyard every day to seize the best moment in which to cut the fruit of the vine strictly by hand, because this allows a precise and immediate control of the health of the grapes. “If climatic conditions are important, it is equally crucial to be able to identify the right ripening curve of the grapes,” says Ornella Venica, listing the fundamental actions that lead to a wine of excellence.

There are 40 hectares that the winery has been cultivating for 90 years in the northernmost area of Collio, where this year’s production of Pinot was slightly lower than previous vintages, as was also the case in the rest of Italy. “There was a lower production of about 8-10%,” the winemaker confirms, “which is an advantage for the quality of the grapes harvested.


From the vineyards of Dolegna to the glamorous event: “La Vendemmia in Via Montenapoleone”.

2020 – Venica & Venica’s Vendemmia del 90°: From the grape harvest in the vineyards to the glamorous event in the centre of a city like Milan, for Venica&Venica the step is short. From 8 to 10 October, the historic winery will be the protagonist in the Pinko space of the ‘Vendemmia in via Montenapoleone’. The now traditional appointment is promoted by MonteNapoleone District, in collaboration with the Comitato Grandi Cru d’Italia, to unite the production of Italian excellence, distinguished by luxury brands and the most prestigious wineries of Made in Italy.

Interested to know more?

Venica & Venica: “La Vendemmia in Via Montenapoleone”.



Moments of the 2020 harvest










2020: The 90th Venica &Venica grape harvest begins

We have started with our 90th grape harvest. In the Venica & Venica vineyards, located in the renowned Collio DOC wine area in the far north-east of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, the 2020 Harvest began. The grape varieties that inaugurated the harvest by hand were again this year Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon.

The quality of the grapes is perfect and we are ready for another excellent vintage!

In the pictures you can see some moments of the Harvest 2020 in our grape variety in Ruttars: Pinot Grigio.

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