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Month: March 2020


RONCO DEL CERO’ – One of the best wines to get through quarantine


Venica & Venica is honoured to have been listed by FORBES as one of the best 15 wines to drink… to make the most of this period of self-isolation!


Victoria James, beverage director of the Michelin-starred restaurant “Cote” in New York City and author of ‘Wine Girl,’ recommends in an article published in FORBES our “RONCO DEL CERO'”, Sauvignon 2017 DOC Collio and says:

“In the far northeast of Italy in the Friuli region, the Venica & Venica winery is located just a stone’s throw from the Slovenian border. Ronco del Cerò is the name of the hill where Giampaolo Venica’s great-grandfather first planted Sauvignon Blanc vines,’ says James. “For me, the wine always tastes similar to Sancerre and the Californian examples. But it has more weight and tropical notes. Giampaolo ferments the wine on his yeasts which gives it a kind of softness on the palate and extra flavour. It is my favourite to drink with polenta, but it is also great with poultry, pork and pasta with clams and olive oil.”




INSIEME … facing a common enemy!!!

At this very difficult time, it is very close to our hearts to turn our minds back to a symbolic wine: our ‘INSIEME’ Merlot 2001. A symbol for us of the partnership between West and East in 2011 after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

And once again #together to face a common enemy!!!

And that is why we heartily share the thought of @OpenBottle_Italy addressed to our “TOGETHER” Merlot 2001:


“At a time of great difficulty, uncertainty and concern it is vital to turn to determined hope. East and West once again #together to face a common enemy. Two sides of the same coin, once again called upon to support each other. The mind then returns to the wine that symbolises this partnership, Insieme 2001 Merlot by Venica & Venica.

It took 10 years to make this wine, an extremely rare Merlot pride of a great white wine cellar, an oenological jewel reserved for a few and put on the market on a one-off basis.

Wine is also and above all this, a symbol of unity, brotherhood, closeness and conviviality; not subject to geographical or socio-economic barriers. Now more than ever, let us think about when we can all sit around a table again and joyfully share this bottle, a symbol of strength, hope, rebirth and pride.

Stay home, stay strong.

We will come back stronger than before Italy’

Thanks again to Filippo Toson @OpenBottle_Italy !!!

#iorestoacasa #friuliveneziagiulia #merlot #Insieme #Venica #wineislife #hope #staystrong #friends #together

Insieme Merlot 2001 di Venica & Venica

Wine News : Venica & Venica, aid for earthquake-stricken Japan


The story of our INSIEME Merlot 2001 and the solidarity project told by Ornella Venica in this short interview on WineNewsTV:

A red sun on a white field: that’s the flag of Japan. And then a big red from a ‘white’ winery to make a contribution to the country hit by the tsunami. The idea of Venica & Venica, one of the most important names in Friuli Venezia Giulia.
Here is the merlot ‘Insieme 2001’, grown in the vineyard of the famous Perilla and cared for for ten years, to a charity fund for Japan.

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