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RONCO DELLE CIME | Harvest Friulano 2019

Harvest 2019 continues with the FRIULANO harvest in our RONCO DELLE CIME vineyard. The images take you to the highest vineyard of Venica & Venica: among the wonderful hills of Collio with the Julian Prealps in the background.

In the video, truly unique moments of the Friulano grape harvest!


The footage allows you to accompany us during the various phases of the grape harvest. You will see the teams as they work in the vineyard, the harvesting of the grapes by hand, and the difficult manoeuvres of the tractors carrying the grape carts out of the vineyard. Then you will discover with us the entire journey of the ‘Friulano’ (ex-Tocai) grapes, from the harvest to its arrival in our winery!


with Gianni Venica, Giorgio Venica, Serena Venica, Marta Venica, Ivica Cencic, Massimo Schianchi, Gianluca Florian

Visiting our Winery in Harvest

Tastings and visits to our historic wine cellar continue during the grape harvest!
So we look forward to seeing you at this beautiful time of year … and why not … perhaps you will happen to be with us at the right time to experience together the arrival in the cellar of the freshly harvested grapes.


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Visita cantina in vendemmia

RONCO DELLE MELE | Harvest Sauvignon 2019

The 2019 Sauvignon Harvest brings us great satisfaction and joy for the quality of the grapes harvested, achieved thanks to the excellent weather conditions and our constant hard work in the vineyard! But not only this, the Harvest also brings us wonderful images, which we also enjoy this year for the first time.

Impressions during the Harvest of SAUVIGNON that were recorded from above, in one of the most important and representative vineyards of the Venica & Venica winery: RONCO DELLE MELE.

In the video you can admire the beautiful location of this vineyard. In the background you can see the Julian Alps and the glacier of Monte Canin. Its north-west exposure and special microclimate enable the production of Sauvignon grapes of the highest quality.

The grapes are harvested strictly by hand, as in all our vineyards. During transport to the cellar, we protect the grapes from excessive sun exposure by means of shade cloths.

The video also captures the arrival of the grapes at our winery, where they are destemmed and crushed. The process from harvesting to the grapes entering the press takes place in the shortest possible time.

The 2019 Harvest at Venica has begun!

The long-awaited Harvest 2019 has begun! This start is the 89th in our family history!

We wanted to commemorate this moment with a very special photo. Our whole family on three of our tractors, which in the past have marked the history of agricultural vehicles: the Porsche Tractors with 1, 2 and 3 cylinders.


Porsche Tractors


Porsche tractors are the vintage tractors par excellence, developed and built between the 1940s and 1950s, with air-cooled engines. They were state-of-the-art machines for the time, ahead of other manufacturers, who were still producing ‘hot-head’ and petrol tractors at that time.

We experienced some really exciting moments at the start of Harvest 2019! It was the first time that these three tractor models were brought together for an official occasion, and this event took place right on our farm. For Gianni and Giorgio Venica it was naturally a moment of particular joy, given their great passion for vintage machines and tractors.


As every year on this occasion, the harvest began with our Pinot Grigio grapes, followed by Sauvignon from Ronco delle Mele.


Two generations of the Venica family


Here is who was there during this start of Vendemmia 2019, which saw the entire third and fourth generations of the Venica family reunited:

Gianni Venica, Giorgio Venica, Giampaolo Venica, Ornella Venica, Serena Venica, Marta Venica, Virgini Fruch, Giulia Venica and Adelaide Venica


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