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Month: May 2016

Fondazione Italiana Sommelier FVG | VISIT TO THE VENICA & VENICA WINERY

The Italian Sommelier Foundation FVG in the field with “pruning in green


This was the focal point of the didactic visit attended by numerous participants of the 1st “Friuli Colli Orientali” Course organised by the Fondazione Italiana Sommelier FVG and some guests, at the Azienda Venica & Venica in Cerò di Dolegna del Collio.

With Ornella and Gianni Venica, it was an intense and exciting day spent amidst rows of vines, land ready for “green manure”, and cellars rich in the history of a family that has been making wine in Cerò for eighty-six years.

Between the rows, a lectio magistralis on pruning and bio-dynamics with reference to the Steiner theory, held by Marco Volpe, a young and highly qualified agronomist.

The wine cellar, taken care of down to the smallest detail by the impeccable and discreet hand of a professional: Carola Nitsch. Environments are simple, elegant and functional, and always with references to the Venica family’s origins. A family of ‘farmers’ with a capital ‘C’ tied to their land, faithful to tradition and devoted to keeping the path of nature intact.


The strongest emotions: in the cellar.


Taken by Ornella on a virtual journey through intimate moments of the Family, we pass through four doors: that of Daniele, the grandfather head “jamb”, in memory of the Company’s genesis; that of Adelchi, Gianni and Giorgio’s father, so as not to forget the traditions and life of the time; and that of Gianni and Giorgio, modern (created by Klemens Torggler), with a play of joints to symbolise the origins, traditions and strong ties that hold the Family together.
The last one, that of the scions of the fourth generation, ‘encloses’ Giampaolo, Serena, (Gianni’s children) Marta, Giulia and Adelaide (Giorgio’s); a door to keep the footsteps of those who have gone before them alive and ready to break it down to face the future.


The Wines.


To talk about them so much would seem like a panegyric; it was simply an exciting tasting with superb and proud wines, as is Ornella’s pride and frown when talking about her wines.

Pinot Blanc: Talis. Intense aromas with a succession of fruity, floral and spicy aromas, synonymous with great finesse. The taste is fresh, clean, persistent and harmonious. A wine that is!

Ronco delle Cime: the Friulano… Mr. Tocai in his typicality! With characteristic aromas, a light, pleasant hint of fresh almonds. Dry and soft on the palate with an aftertaste of apple and spices. Very persistent and harmonious.

Ronco delle Mele: Sauvignon, greenish reflections that stand out against the light golden yellow. On the nose: powerful, with floral and fruity hints; delicate notes of sage and mint, peach and gooseberry. Dry and harmonious on the palate; it is balanced and very persistent and is a wine that grabs you!


Great red wines are also made in Collio!


Together: Merlot, a superb wine of great elegance. No doubt it is destined to stand the test of time. A little gem among the vineyards of Venica & Venica; almost an anomaly among a ‘sea’ of white grape vineyards, this proves that great red wines are also made in Collio, as in all the other DOCs in the region. This wine, however, has a history all its own, starting in 2001 and arriving in 2011, ready to be offered to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy. Wine matured, at the time, in new barriques for 24 months and then bottled without filtration.
The tragedy that struck Japan with an earthquake and tsunami and the danger of a nuclear disaster, made us rethink the symbolic value of that wine and the Venicas, Gianni and Giorgio and all the others decided without any hesitation and mindful of that devastating earthquake that struck Friuli in 1976, they “… from the heart, … decided to set aside the 2011 bottles of “Insieme” to signify the year of the tragedy, as a way to collect donations for the victims of the disastrous earthquake in Japan.”

Thank you Ornella, thank you Famiglia Venica.


Article published by the Italian Sommelier Foundation FVG

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Venica & Venica Di Gianni Venica e C. S.S. Società Agricola

Location Cerò 8 34070 Dolegna del Collio (Go)
 (+39) 0481 61264

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